Synapse AI Symposium


A Symposium on Artificial Intelligence

Synapse features talks and poster sessions with globally respected voices in the field of AI.

Now in its second year, the symposium provides an international platform to examine significant advances in the field and discuss some of the most pressing questions facing humanity.

Join us in Milan on September 30, 2023.
Free to attend. Limited availability.

Poster sessions

Promote your AI PhD research work in a poster session attended by world-class experts in the field.

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Speak directly with celebrated thinkers and network with other bright STEM students from around the world.

Discover the topics engaging the AI community

Synapse features a range of acclaimed speakers including celebrated researchers, engineers, and innovators.

Cassie Kozyrkov profile pic


CEO of Data Scientific and Former
Chief Decision Scientist at Google

Cassie Kozyrkov founded the field of Decision Intelligence at Google where she serves as Chief Decision Scientist, advising leadership on decision process, AI strategy, and building data-driven organizations.

 Poupyrev profile pic



Technology innovation leader, executive, and inventor

Award-winning technology innovation leader, executive, and inventor who led the development of breakthrough technologies shipped in millions of products for companies like Google, Disney, and Sony. Widely published in top scientific conferences and has over 100 issued US patents.

Recipient of multiple prestigious awards, including the Cannes Lion Grand Prix, the SXSW Innovation Award, and the National Design Award for Interaction Design.

Andrew Fitzgibbon profile pic


Distinguished engineer at Graphcore

Distinguished engineer at Graphcore known for his work on 3D vision. Computer vision lead on the Emmy-award-winning 3D camera tracker “Boujou.” Introduced large-scale synthetic training data to Kinect for Xbox 360. Science lead on the team that shipped fully articulated hand tracking on HoloLens 2.

Winner of numerous research awards, including ten best paper prizes at leading conferences.

Laura Leal-Taixé profile pic


Senior research manager at NVIDIA

Senior research manager at NVIDIA and adjunct professor at TUM, leading the Dynamic Vision and Learning Group. Postdoc research at ETH Zurich and the Computer Vision Group at TUM, PhD at the University of Hannover. Master’s thesis completed at Northeastern University, BSc and MSc at the Technical University of Catalonia.

Recipient of the Sofja Kovalevskaja Award, the Google Faculty Award, and the ERC Starting Grant.

Andrea Tagliasacchi profile pic


Associate professor at Simon Fraser University

Associate professor and Visual Computing Research Chair at Simon Fraser University. Staff research scientist at Google Brain and associate professor at the University of Toronto. Former Industrial Research Chair in 3D Sensing at the University of Victoria. Postdoc at EPFL, PhD at SFU, MSc at Politecnico di Milano.

Research focuses on 3D visual perception, the intersection of computer vision, computer graphics, and machine learning.

Preatoni profile pic



Researcher and co-founder and CEO of MyLeg

Researcher using AI to develop pain and sensory measurement methods for amputees and patients with diabetic neuropathy. PhD from the Neuroengineering Lab of ETH Zurich. Recognized by Forbes as one of 2023’s “30 Under 30.“

Currently translating her research into a commercial product as co-founder and CEO of MyLeg, developing wearable technology that artificially restores the sense of touch.

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Principal research scientist at NVIDIA

Principal research scientist at NVIDIA working on the intersection of machine learning and light transport simulation. PhD from ETH Zurich & Disney Research. 
Recipient of multiple best paper awards. Research has been called one of 2022's best inventions by TIME magazine and is used commercially in movie production, video games, and 3D reconstruction.

Created several widely used open-source frameworks, including instant-ngp, tiny-cuda-nn, and tev.

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CEO and co-founder of Bending Spoons

CEO and co-founder of Bending Spoons, the technology company behind market-leading mobile products like Splice and Remini, both of which leverage cutting-edge, proprietary AI technologies to help creators craft wonderful visual media.

Bending Spoons’ apps have been downloaded more than half a billion times and 100 million people use them every month.

Federico Perazzi profile pic
Fireside chat


Head of AI at Bending Spoons

Head of AI at Bending Spoons and a research scientist specializing in AI-powered computer vision tools for professional image and video editing. Formerly of Facebook Reality Labs, Adobe Creative Intelligence lab, Disney Research. PhD in Computer Science from ETH Zurich, and a prolific publisher of scientific research papers.

Current research endeavors entail computer graphics, computer vision, and machine learning.

 Ferretti profile pic
Fireside chat



AI researcher at Bending Spoons

AI researcher at Bending Spoons working on generative models and photo enhancement. Mathematician with PhD in algebraic geometry from the University of Rome, master’s in number theory from the University of Pisa. Research at the Max Planck Institute and the University of Lille. Previously worked for UniCredit R&D, conducting applied research in natural language processing, machine learning, and cryptography.

 Kallman profile pic



Futurist, speaker, and author

A leading futurist, speaker, and author specializing in the impact of new technologies on the future of business and human lives. Focused on the emerging opportunities and risks of AI, XR, big data, and IOT. Writing often featured in WIRED and IBC365.


A succession of fascinating talks addressing some of the most pressing questions facing humanity from bright thinkers in the field of AI.

8:00 amCheck-in
9:00 amLuca Ferrari
9:30 amIvan Poupyrev
10:15 amLaura Leal Taixè
11:00 amCoffee break - Poster sessions
11:45 amFireside chat - Bending Spoons
12:15 pmAndrea Tagliasacchi
1:00 pmLunch
2:00 pmCassie Kozyrkov
2:30 pmGreta Preatoni
3:15 pmThomas Müller
4:00 pmCoffee break - Poster sessions
4:45 pmAndrew Fitzgibbon
5:30 pmPanel discussion
6:30 pmHappy hour
8:00 pmEnd of Synapse

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